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* 1962 the ice effect was restored by Russell Robinson *

* 1950s the Icecave was acquired by the Robinson family *

* 1940s overdevelopment and a poorly placed access tunnel melted almost all of the ice *

* 1880s the Icecave was an ice source for the town of Shoshone *

The late Russell Robinson took an "impossible dream" and he made it work.........

"Saddle Burn" excerpt

Free! Oh, so free, like the fowl that wing forth.

Over his head in the fading night

May he ride forever here and

Forever on the never ending trail above

Ride Saddle Bum, RIde!

(Russell Robinson)

"Cowboy Ballad" excerpt

I was born 67 years too late. So now I have to live my fate.

I realized this at age three, for I hated the inside

And longed for the desert where the wind blows so free

(Russell Robinson)


Russell Robinson

July 28, 1932 - September 28, 1981 

* After the death of Russell Robinson Sept. 1981, his brother Dr. Henry Robinson took over the business until his death Dec. 2013.  At that time the ownership was passed down to Dr. Robinson's son Charles Fred Cheslik who passed away Dec. 2015. The present owner is his wife Christine Cheslik.